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Welcome to Action Health! Our comprehensive team of medical doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and soft tissue therapists are ready to restore your health and help you meet your wellness goals.

Let’s get started!

Our office team is ready to welcome you to the clinic and get you checked in. They’re always happy to answer any general questions about the clinic or help you feel more comfortable. We want you to feel at home here, so let us help make your visit go smoothly.

During your first visit

When you first visit our multi-disciplinary clinic, you can expect to meet with the healthcare provider best suited to address your immediate needs. We’ll ensure all your paperwork is filled out correctly and gather vital information about your symptoms, current health status, and goals. There will be time for you to ask questions, and we’ll make sure you understand everything we discuss.

Depending on which of our healthcare providers you see, our first visit may consist of consultation, assessment, and information gathering. We’ll chat about how you’re feeling, any symptoms you’ve been experiencing, and your goals for your health and wellness.

In some cases, we may offer the first treatment during this appointment. In other cases, your healthcare provider may want to order tests or further diagnostics so they have a complete understanding of what’s affecting your health. We’ll walk you through what you can expect.


If you haven’t visited our clinic before, you may have questions for us! Here are a few common questions we get from new patients. Call us at (403) 243-8114 if we can offer more information.

We’re an integrative health team with multiple areas of expertise. If necessary, your chosen provider can also connect you with other practitioners to ensure you get the specialized care you need.

The length of your first visit will depend on who you’re booking in to see and what type of care you’re seeking. A first office visit for chiropractic may take 45 minutes to an hour, while the first visit with a naturopath or one of our medical doctors may take longer. We value your health and will take the time needed to offer you the best care. 

Action Health is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Our office hours are noted in the sidebar or on our Contact page.

We work hard to keep our clinic running smoothly, and that includes minimizing wait times. Our healthcare providers respect your time and will attend to you as quickly as possible. Typically, your wait time will be less than ten minutes, though rare exceptions can occur. Our clinic has a seamless and contact-free check-in process you’ll use for second and regular visits that makes checking in even quicker.

For most of our healthcare providers, no. However, we accept referrals, and many family doctors send patients our way to ensure they get the care they need.

We do, and that’s a significant benefit of visiting our clinic. We have a comprehensive team with diverse expertise right here in the clinic, including medical doctors. Our mission is to offer you the best care right here in our clinic, with an integrative approach to your health and wellness. We’re also happy to collaborate with your family doctor or other healthcare professionals to ensure you get the care you need.

Learn what to expect in your second and ongoing visits.


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