Treating Muscle Pain using

Trigger Point Injections in Calgary

An option for pain management is treatment using trigger point injections. Our medical doctors do these injections onsite to treat muscle pain. Pain can be caused by tight muscles or a muscle spasm, often in the neck or back. If you’ve received a pain assessment by one of our other practitioners, they may refer you to our doctors for this treatment.

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At Action Health, our team will help manage your pain by using trigger point injections in Calgary. This article was created to help show what Action Health can do for you.

What to Expect at Action Health in Calgary

We’ll develop a plan that will likely include several treatments over a few weeks. Afterward, we’ll reassess to gauge how the treatment is working for you and what our next steps should be. After treatment, you may experience less pain, enjoy a wider range of movement, a higher pain threshold, and higher activity levels. If the treatment is successful, we’ll monitor your condition and schedule future treatments as and when needed.

Another option is steroid (cortisone) injections into painful arthritic joints like the knees. The team at Action Health in Calgary, AB will assess your pain and condition carefully and make recommendations specific to your situation.