Second & Ongoing Visits

Chronic Pain Calgary AB Ongoing Visits

Second Visit

Welcome back to Action Health! We’re so pleased you’ve placed your trust in us, and we’ll do our best to relieve your symptoms and restore you to optimal health.

Review of findings & assessment

When you return to our clinic, we’ll spend time discussing what we learned from your first visit and the information that was gathered at that time. This may include the paperwork you filled out and our initial assessments of your condition and symptoms.

It’s important for our healthcare practitioners to take the time to connect what you’ve told us with the insights we gained during your first consultation. This step allows us to recommend the best course of care for you.

Depending on which of our healthcare professionals you are seeing, this second visit may also include a review of any tests that were ordered in your first appointment. We’ll take time to discuss our findings with you and explain why we’re recommending certain treatments. You’ll have time to ask questions to make sure you are informed and comfortable with the steps ahead.

Your second visit will usually include treatment and we may discuss recommendations you can follow at home to support your health and wellness.


Once we have the first and second visits out of the way, you’ll move into ongoing, or regular, visits to the clinic. You may have questions about what ongoing treatment might look like or how it might fit in your schedule.

Regular appointments for ongoing treatment are likely to be shorter than the first couple of visits. That’s a good thing and makes it more convenient for you to pop in.

Once we’ve completed your intake forms, information gathering, and assessments, we can focus on your treatment and get you in and out of your appointments more quickly.

That depends entirely on which healthcare practitioner you are seeing, and what treatment plan they have developed to help you meet your health and wellness goals. These treatment plans are customized to each patient, so this is a conversation we’ll have during your first and second visits.

Future appointments can be booked at our front desk as you leave each visit, or you’re welcome to call and book by phone during office hours at (403) 243-8114.


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