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Woman's Health in Calgary?

Women face many issues in Calgary that are unique to women only. What's even more discouraging to us is that many women don't know that they have relief options available. Naturopathic care can help relieve some of the biggest issues women face today.

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Every woman and their hormones are so unique, your healthcare plan can be too. Work with one of our naturopathic doctors to address your root cause of symptoms. We can help you get your women's health issues in Calgary under control.

Women's Health IN Calgary

We treat all kinds of concerns women may have about their health. In many cases, everyday issues women take for granted, such as PMS, aren’t normal. Sometimes your hormone levels are not optimal, which can cause all kinds of symptoms and concerns. We can help relieve the symptoms you’re experiencing by figuring out the source of the problem, then working to restore balance and well-being in your body.

What Is Whole Body Medicine?

Whole body medicine addresses all of your concerns, not just one symptom at a time. Often, symptoms inter-relate and understanding your whole health picture is an important aspect of personalized medicine and naturopathic care. We want to understand all of your concerns, your lifestyle and your current health habits to piece together the full picture of your health before we create your personalized health plan together.

Naturopathic Medicine Calgary AB Action Health Relief For Women's Issues

Women's Issues We Can Treat

At Action Health, we work with pre-and postnatal patients, menopausal patients, and patients struggling with fertility, thyroid and adrenal concerns. Our treatments can integrate with other care you’re receiving and help address lingering concerns when anxiety, low mood, or chronic stress bother you.

  • Stress & burnout
  • Adrenal dysfunction
  • PMS
  • Heavy, light or missed periods
  • Post-contraceptive syndrome
  • Fatigue, low energy
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Menopause & Perimenopause
  • Pre- & Postnatal care
  • Fertility support
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • General health optimization, graceful aging & preventative medicine

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a newer, modern day diagnosis that is caused by overworking the body mentally, physically or emotionally. This results in experiencing chronically high stress levels that cause a group of symptoms commonly referred to as adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, chronic stress, burnout and many other medical descriptor terms.

The characteristic symptom is low energy and fatigue, this can be felt mentally, physically and emotionally, additionally you may experience cynicism, low mood and not enjoying things you use to enjoy, lack of motivation, procrastination, difficulty getting out of bed, mid-day energy crash and lack of interest in work are all commonly experienced. On a physical level, adrenal fatigue is characterized by weight changes, appetite changes, increased cravings, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, frequent infections, and others.

Physiologically, adrenal fatigue is characterized by 3 phases:

Naturopathic Medicine Women's Health in Calgary AB

Stress & Wired

The adrenal gland is pumping out adrenaline to try to keep up with a high passed lifestyle, cortisol is rising in response to this stress. This is the start of adrenal gland overload.


This is alternating high energy with crashes of extreme fatigue. The adrenals are beginning to fatigue and cannot keep up with the stress but have moments of keeping up.

Stressed & Tired

The adrenals have been overworked for too long and are no longer supporting the bodies stress response resulting in chronic fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue - What can we do for you?

  • The initial intake and physical exams can help determine if you are experience adrenal fatigue and what stage you are experiencing.
  • We also offer testing to assess your adrenal gland function and associated hormone levels, this may be necessary to determine if you have adrenal dysfunction and to what extent. This helps us identify what phase of adrenal dysfunction you are in, which plays a major role in guiding the treatment plan.
  • Together we will create a personalized plan that addresses your root cause. This may include lifestyle modification, stress management, therapeutic diet, movement modification, botanical, nutraceuticals and glandulars (adrenal cortex) to support the organs affected.
Naturopathic Medicine Women's Health for PMS in Calgary AB


Irritability, cramps, cravings, anxiety, depression, bloating. Because premenstrual syndrome is so common, these symptoms are often thought to be normal. However, experiencing PMS is actually a sign of underlying hormonal dysregulation or disease state that is being exacerbated by the hormonal changes of the pre-menstrual period. There are also conditions that may worsen during the premenstrual period; including migraines, changes in mood, pain, IBS and atopic conditions. Hormonal changes during the pre-menstrual period may also help us identify that other underlying conditions may need closer management!

  • Your symptoms are a helpful clue into what hormones may be elevated and what hormones may be lacking. An in-depth initial intake and physical exam can help us identify the cause of your symptoms.
  • We also offer comprehensive hormone testing to get a clear understanding of your hormone levels and function. This may be an important part of your treatment to guide a personalized plan that will work for you.
  • Together we will create a personalized plan that addresses your root cause. This can include lifestyle modification, stress management, therapeutic diet, movement modification, botanical and nutraceuticals to support the organs affected.

Resistant weight loss

Following all the right lifestyle habits but still cannot seem to lose weight? Here some hormonal changes that can make weight loss an uphill battle:

Elevated cortisol:

Due to unmanaged stress response, leading to chronic state of ‘fight or flight’, insulin is increased to move blood sugar into the muscles to prepare to fight or run away, when we don’t use those muscle to fight or run away that sugar is stored and causes weight gain. It also decreases the sugar in our blood making us crave sugary foods and this can become a vicious cycle.

Insulin resistance:

Similar to the pathway described above, increased insulin causes weight gain as it stores sugar as fat when our muscles don’t burn this sugar as energy. Insulin resistance is caused by elevated body fat, diet too high in carbohydrates, sedentary lifestyle/lack of exercise and chronic stress.

Elevated Leptin:

Leptin plays a role in hunger and food intake. When we chronically overproduce leptin, we cause resistance to its activity (similar to insulin resistance). This causes weight loss resistance or weight gain as we are not properly triggered to stop eating when we are full.

‘Estrogen dominance’:

Decreasing progesterone or increasing estrogen relative to each other. This hormonal change influences fat deposits, thyroid hormone function, insulin levels and leptin function, all contributing to weight gain/ resistant weight loss.


Low levels of thyroid hormones T3 and T4 slows everything down, including your metabolism which contributes to weight gain. It also causes salt and fluid retention furthering this weight gain.

Our naturopathic doctors offer comprehensive hormone testing to better understand the metabolic processes that are so important for weight loss and maintenance. Together we will create a personalized plan to address your resistant weight loss and get you feeling your best.

Weight Loss in Calgary AB
Weight Loss in Calgary AB
Weight Loss in Calgary AB
Naturopathic Medicine Women's Health For Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Health - what are the symptoms

Hyperthyroidism Difficulty Sleeping > Fatigue
Low Mood Anxiety
Cold Extremities Feels Hot
Constipation Loose Stools
Weight Gain Weight Loss
Menstrual Irregularities Menstrual Irregularities


In addition to the standard TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) testing, our naturopathic doctors can also requisition a complete thyroid panel which may include free T3, free T4, reverse T3, anti-TPO and anti-TG to understand the full function of your thyroid hormones and state of autoimmunity.

Subclinical hypothyroidism

Did your TSH come back normal but you are experiencing symptoms of hormone dysfunction? This may be subclinical hypothyroidism, which we consider to be a TSH of >2 combined with symptoms of hypothyroidism. This number may not warrant a need for medication from your medical doctor, but there are naturopathic therapies that have the potential to reverse your symptoms and prevent you from continuing into clinical hypothyroidism.

We also find it important to test for fT3 and fT4, which are your thyroid hormones, to be sure adequate conversion of T4 (inactive form) to T3 (active form) is taking place. Every patient is different, and this means that although you may present with what is considered to be normal levels of hormones, this level may not be normal for you to function at your best.

How We Can Help

In addition to testing options for your thyroid health, a therapeutic diet will be important to support proper TSH levels and conversion to T3. We may also need to assess your adrenal gland function, which have an intricate relationship with thyroid hormones. Stress management and lifestyle medicine will also be a the forefront. We may also recommend botanicals, nutraceuticals or glandulars (desiccated thyroid) to support you through regaining this balance of thyroid function.

How we manage hormone health

When it comes to managing hormone health, there are organs and body processes that must be functioning optimally, yet are not often discussed as important in care. Of course, we need to understand the root cause of your symptoms. An in-depth health history and physical exam may be enough to start treatment, in other cases we may recommend hormonal testing which can play an important role. Treatment may include:

  • Supporting hormone secreting organs, this will most commonly be the thyroid, adrenal glands and sex organs
  • Therapeutic nutrition, aka the building blocks, to support your body in making and using these hormones
  • Stress management and burnout recovery
  • Liver & gut health are incredibly important for ensuring breakdown and removal of hormones from the body. This is an especially important aspect of treatment when a hormone is found in high levels
  • Additional lifestyle factors including inflammation, exercise and environmental exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

What do treatment options look like?

 Our naturopathic doctors focus on research-supported natural therapies to give you the most current and highest quality care. We focus heavily on not only managing symptoms, but finding total health optimization by addressing your root cause of illness and lifestyle medicine techniques. This prevents relapse of symptoms and disease prevention. Your treatment may include:

  • Therapeutic diet & nutritional science recommendations
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Mindfulness and mindset therapies
  • Botanicals and nutraceuticals to help bring the body back to balance
  • Testing to better understand internal body processes
  • Education and support for you to feel understood and empowered in your health