Car Accident Chiropractor in Calgary

Are you suffering from whiplash? This often occurs in rear-end collisions which make up a large part of all car accidents. While each vary in severity, many leave the occupants with some form of injury.

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Injuries caused by low-speed collisions are not frequently diagnosed by medical doctors and symptoms may not show up for months. If you are concerned about your health after an accident, our Calgary chiropractor can help explain your injury and get you back to health.

In order to succeed in treating a whiplash injury, finding someone who understands your situation is vital. The team at Action Health is very knowledgeable about these sorts of injuries and is able to accurately evaluate your spinal situation. With care, the sooner you start, the less likely you are to develop long term spinal and nervous system issues.


Whiplash injuries are not something that should be overlooked. Left untreated, these injuries can result in lifelong problems. The issue, however, lies in the lack of identification and treatment of whiplash. Many people realize they have a problem long after the accident and by this time, the severity of the injury is much greater.

The most significant whiplash injuries occur when the headrest is low. This is because it functions as an acceleration point for your head and neck in the event of a rear-end collision. An impact of 10 mph can convert into much greater speeds for your head and neck with your headrest positioned in this way.



A Woodward study found that noticeable improvement was shown in 93% of patients in the 28 patient study while under chiropractic care. For this study, chiropractic care comprised of spinal manipulation, cryotherapy, and PNF. Also, NSAIDS, physiotherapy, and soft collars were used with the patents prior to the study.

If you have recently experienced a rear-end accident or believe you may have a whiplash injury, our expert team a Action Health could help. Call your chiropractic office in Calgary today to learn about possible treatment options for you.