Enhance Your Facial Features With

Botox, Latisse and Fillers in Calgary

We’ll support you in looking your best with subtle and natural enhancements that will help you look and feel fresh and rejuvenated. All our cosmetic treatment options are administered by one of our licensed medical doctors right here in the clinic.

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At Action Health, an experienced Calgary Medical Doctor will support women looking for ways to care for their skin and look their best. This article was created to help show what Action Health can do for you.

Cosmetic Treatment Options in Calgary

  1. Botox: Would you like to look more rested, more refreshed, and less tired or angry? We offer cosmetic Botox injections to reduce the appearance of mobile wrinkles. Treatments are administered in our clinic by a medical doctor.
  2. Latisse: Frame your beautiful eyes with thicker and longer lashes. We offer a prescription treatment to help your lashes safely increase in both length and thickness. Treatments are administered by a medical doctor right in our clinic.
  3. Fillers: Have you found yourself wishing away sagging skin or thinning lips? Aging gracefully can sometimes use a bit of a boost. We offer options to restore facial volume and enhance your natural facial contours. Our hyaluronic acid fillers are administered on-site by a medical doctor.